Our values have been guiding us for over forty years. These values are our ideas, our way of acting and the motivation that brings together the people who work every day with a common goal. They are our guidelines on which we base company choices and which define our priorities.

Quality: it is our primary goal and guides us in all the choices related to the production process.
Passion: the constant and continuous commitment is our strength. We put our hearth and mind in what we do.
Community: formed by our thousand partners, who hand down their love for the earth from generation to generation and, thanks to their work, allow us to achieve our goals.
Transparency: we want Feudotto is a brand guarantee of trust and safety for the consumer. For this reason, we have implemented a Traceability System available on our website
Territory: we only use olives coming from our olive growers. Our oils are expression of an area with unique soil and climatic characteristics.


Our Mission: “To be a leading company in Italy in the olive oil sector, to achieve the best enhancement of agricultural products conferred by partners and to give the consumer, thanks to the cooperative supply chain and its brands, guarantees of quality and food safety”.

A Green Heart

From the earth to the finished product we put the heart, “green”!

Our commitment is green and concerns the entire production cycle involving the actors of the entire supply chain in every aspect of the company.

The quality of the products, the reduction of the costs necessary for their production, the waste recovery, the production efficiency and the staff structures, the improvement of the image and reputation in the eyes of consumers, always more sensitive to environmental evolution.

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